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How I Got In. How I Got Stuck. How I Got Out.

GETTING OUT is a story of hope.

Carly was a strong Christian and senior in college the first time she felt attracted to another female. At first, they were just friends, then quickly became best friends. Then it got really complicated. Carly was determined to keep their lesbian relationship a secret until she could figure out what God was doing or how to get out of the mess. . . or when to come out. But she was stuck between two competing loves: Jesus Christ and her girlfriend. Both wanted her heart, body and soul; both promised forever. For eleven years, Carly chose her. But the haunting of the Holy Spirit made peace and happiness complicated.

GETTING OUT is written for Christian women seeking to confront their same-sex attraction and emotional dependency. This memoir offers heart-level insight, biblical truth, and reflection questions for women struggling in the chaos of disordered affections. GETTING OUT is also a great resource for family and friends who are praying for their loved ones to return to the Lord. Through Carly’s raw honesty and compassionate words, she shares her story of rebellion and the deconstruction of her faith. Then she tells us how God powerfully intervened, restored her happiness in Him, and how she wages war in her ongoing battle for sexual and relational holiness.

In GETTING OUT, Carly boldly proclaims that freedom from the power of lesbianism is possible. And worth it.

Endorsements for GETTING OUT

“I felt no peace with Jesus because of my lesbian relationship,
and faced constant turmoil in my lesbian relationship because of Jesus.”

–Carly Hope

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