Carly Hope is a Christian. Carly is not a social media influencer or a Bible scholar. She is not a ministry leader, a conference speaker, or a professional writer. She has a normal 8-to-5 job that she enjoys and takes advantage of all her weekends. Carly is joyfully single. And sometimes uses bad words for emphasis. She loves running and can often be found on a local patio with her favorite friends, margaritas, and her two big dogs.

Carly wrote GETTING OUT to encourage women who are struggling in the tension between their Christian faith and their same-sex attraction who are seeking sexual and relational restoration in Jesus Christ. Carly wants women to know that they are not alone. And that there is hope.

In her book, Carly tells her story of how she unintentionally got sucked into a lesbian relationship—even as a Christian. She shares about the inner turmoil she faced for eleven years between her love for God and her love for her girlfriend. And how the Lord would not relent in calling her out. Through Carly’s raw honesty, compassionate words, and biblical counsel, Carly shares with us how God powerfully intervened in her life, how she wages war in her ongoing battle for holiness, and how the Lord restored her happiness in Him. In GETTING OUT, Carly boldly proclaims that freedom from the power of lesbianism is possible. And worth it.

Who I am.

My Why

I wrote Getting Out because I had to. I have to proclaim the wonders that God has done in my life.

I have to give testimony that getting out of the lesbian lifestyle is not only possible—it is worth it!

I also desperately want to make available another resource for women who struggle with sexual and relational brokenness, one specifically written by a woman who recently got out. Not many biblically faithful and trustworthy Christian resources existed when I really needed them. In the beginning and middle of my confusion, I wanted to know if other Christian women had a similar experience. What did they do? What did God do? And so here in these pages, I add my testimony to the ever-increasing multitude of Christian women who found themselves dealing with relational idolatry and have been set free all while proclaiming, “How great Thou art!”

Ultimately, I wrote Getting Out because I want Christian women to have hope. Not hope in a specific outcome, but hope in the one true God who holds us and holds all outcomes.

To You

This book is written for you. I believe that the Lord has something special for you in these pages. Maybe you hate God and gave up on Him a long time ago. Or maybe you love God and are desperately pleading for Him to intervene. Even if you are happily engaged in a female same-sex relationship, this book is for you. I was all of these things at the same time. I was a Christian who felt surprised by a sudden experience of same-sex attraction to a close friend, got involved, loved it, became stuck, and then owned it. I chose to live how I wanted. But the Holy Spirit kept interfering with my happiness, whispering enticements of more.

I am specifically writing to women who are Christians seeking to confront their same-sex attraction and emotional dependency. If you are a family member or friend of a believer who experiences female same-sex attraction and you are seeking to know how better to understand and pray for her freedom, you will also benefit from reading Getting Out. All of you are welcome to enter into my story and see Satan’s classic deceptions and the choices I made to embrace them. You will also get a glimpse into my tension. That is, the conflict of being a believer in Jesus Christ who struggles with all sorts of sin—including an unexpected struggle with female same-sex attraction.

I pray that you, being rooted in truth and love, will be able to seek our Savior and pray boldly. And that you will be encouraged.

“I wrote GETTING OUT because I had to. I have to proclaim the wonders that God has done in my life.”

“I simply wrote the book I wish I could have read.”

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